Saturday, May 23, 2009


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Helicopters are lifted, propelled, and steered by powerful rotating blades (rotors). Able to take off vertically, hover, and fly in any direction, these versatile machines are held stable in flight by the balancing action of their tail rotor. First developed in the 1920s, modern helicopters date from the advent of turbojet engines in 1955. They are now used for such diverse purposes as military gunships, air ambulances, and air taxis; for spraying crops; and for aerial survey and observation, particularly of road traffic conditions. Thank you.

Friday, May 22, 2009


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How are you? Welcome to my blog once again. A super cooled liquid made mainly from sand, glass is easily shaped, and forms clear, hard objects that remain untainted by chemicals. Glass objects are often mass-produced by the moulding process, in which jets of compressed air force molten glass into the shape of a mould. Sheet glass is made by the float-glass process, in which molten glass is floated on the surface of liquid tin and cut into lengths when cool. Thank you. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Know about guitar

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The first narrow-waisted guitars appeared in 15th century Italy and Spain, and where derived from stringed instruments of an ancient world. Modern steel string, flat-top and arch top acoustic guitar, however, originated in 19th century North America, at a similar time to the development of classical guitars in Spain. Electric guitars were the result of research in to artificial amplification of sound from musical instruments in the 1930s. Thank you. 


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How are you? Mostly used for passenger transport, a hovercraft skims over land or water, propelled on a cushion of air. The air is sucked into inlets and pumped by fans beneath the hull, where it contained by an inflatable flexible skirt. The fastest models can travel at a speed of 120 k.p.h. (75 m.p.h). Thank you.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Latest vikram photos

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Serena and Venus Williams

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How are you? I am fine. Hope all are doing well. Welcome to my blog once again. Serena Williams (born 1981) has won 8 grand slam singles titles, which is two more than her older sister Venus (born 1980.) both players have been ranked world No. 1 and have each earned more than $ 18 million in prize money. Thank you. 

Oldest trees

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The bristlecone pines in California and Nevada, USA, are almost 5,000 years old and were long believed to be the oldest trees. Latest research suggests that creosote bushes in the USA’s Mojave Desert may be even older- some of these plants began life nearly 12,000 years ago. Thank you.