Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hits and Flops of Red Devils in their AUDI cup final

Dimitar Berbatov
The Bulgarian, in his debut season, was accused, at times, of swinging the lead. His work-rate seems to have increased manifold over this pre-season period though and the languid attacker was at the centre of much of United's good work. His overhead kick in the first half almost yielded a goal and he looks like being capable of providing good foil a natural striker like Michael Owen.

Paul Scholes
The years are beginning to show in the game of Manchester United's veteran midfield battle-ax. Scholes was guilty of misjudging his passes throughout; going long when his team-mates expected short and vice versa. Also, alongside fellow old-timer Ryan Giggs, Scholes was over-run in midfield by the Bayern pairing of Anatoliy Tymoschuck and Mark van Bommel.

Know about MARKETING

Marketing means processes of selling goods to consumers. The marketing department of a large firm has several functions. Initially market research must be undertaken to ascertain the needs of consumers. Once the product is developed, test marketing takes place to ensure that the product and its packaging are in an acceptable form. Then advertisement and other forms of promotional sales, such as free samples, informing the consumers that the product is available without any difficulty and also persuading the consumers to buy them by giving priority to the particular product.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pneumatic drill

Hi friends,
Air is the main source of pneumatic. Pneumatic drill is used to break up concrete and tarmac, often on roads. Compressed air forces the tool of the drill up and down in a four stage cycle. The compressed air is enters a cylinder above a piston, forcing it down. The piston strikes the anvil, driving the tool into the road surface. Thank you.


Hi guys,
Plastics fall into two main classes according to the way they react to heat. Thermoplastics, such as polythene and Perspex, can be repeatedly softened and hardened by heating and cooling. Thermosetting plastics, such as epoxy resins and polyurethane, are initially soft but set hard after heating, and cannot be softened again by further heating. Some plastics are given added strength by reinforcing them with fibers; these are known as composites. Thank you. 

Printed circuit board

Hi folks,
A PCB, or Printed circuit board, is an electric circuit used in most digital equipment, including computers. It is made by laying tracks of a conductor such as copper on to one or both sides of an insulating board. Components such as integrated circuits, resistance, and capacitors can be soldered to the surface of the board, or attached by inserting their connecting pins or wires in to holes drilled in the board. Thank you.

Paddle boat

Hi friends,
The invention of steam engine in the 18th century made paddle boats a viable alternative to ships propelled by sails. As the wheels of a paddle boat turn, their floats dip in the water and drive the boat. Paddle wheels are suited to rivers and lakes. Thank you.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi guys,
Crystals grow in a variety of forms, know as habits. Well formed crystals have external faces with parallel edges, each having a parallel on the opposite side of the crystals. Crystals of this type conform to certain systems, related to their axes of symmetry imaginary lines around which they may rotate and still show identical aspects. Thank you. 

Know about car

Hi friends,
The first car was built by Lenoir in 1862. His innovation was a compact version of the internal combustion engine powered by gas. The first mass production, the model T ford, was introduced in 1908, and by 1930 15 million had been sold. Today’s engine works on similar principles, although cars now are designed for greater efficiency, safety and comfort. Thank you.


Hi friends,
The first books were written on papyrus by the ancient Egyptians. Religious scribes copied manuscripts by hand until book production was revolutionized by Johannes Gutenburg in 1455. He created a press with reusable metal type, enabling the production of multiple copies. Books are now created with the aid of computers, and printing and binding are mechanized. Thank you.  


Hi guys,
The baroque style emerged in Rome during the 17th century, rising from the growing confidence of Roman Catholic Church. Originally it was developed to appeal to the increasing number of new members within the congregation, and to lure others away from the most austere Protestantism. The style was adopted by many of the architects, sculptors, and painters of the period. Thank you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kandhasamy releasing on August 7th

Hi Vikram Fans,

Get geared up. Kollywood's next biggie release 'Kandhasamy' is being slated to release on August 7. This is Vikram's movie release after Bheema which released before an year. The movie may clash with Kamal's ' Thalaivan Irukiran'. Its the festival season for the Tamil movie goers.

FABIANO nears Sevilla Exit

The hit man of sevilla- LUIS FABIANO is closing AC Milan. Reports suggets that he may move to MILAN on tuesday. Having already tried but failed to land the highly-rated striker, the Italians are expected to increase their initial offer in order to persuade the Rojiblancos. The €14 million bid, which was made last week, was said to be insufficient as the Spaniards want around €20m, and the Rossoneri are ready to raise the stakes in an attempt to get their man.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gas Turbine Engine for cars

Hi guys,
The turbine engine has been independently researched and developed by most of the major car manufacturers including Rover, Fiat, General Motors and Chrysler. The working of a turbine engine is simple compared to that of an IC reciprocating engine. Basically it involves the pulling in and compressing of air to the engine in relatively large quantities and then expanding this air and using it to drive a power turbine. The power turbine is connected by a common shaft to the compressor turbine. About 10% of the power generated is used to turn the compressor turbine. The compressor turbine pulls air into the engine and compresses it. Compression is achieved due to the shape of the turbine blade which tends to push air out from the centre towards the edges. This air then enters a combustion chamber where fuel is added and ignited, resulting in the rapid expansion of the gases, these are used to drive the power turbine. The engine is relatively small and compact, about half the size of a reciprocating IC engine of the same horsepower. The turbine in such an engine maybe about 4" - 5" in diameter, while the compressor turbine would be from 7" - 10" in diameter. The power output from such an engine can reach 250 horsepower. So why didn't turbines catch on. The answer is that turbines because they use continuous combustion of fuel need about 8 times the fuel that a reciprocating IC engine needs. Thank you.

Efficiency of the IC engine

Hi folks,
IC engines lose 42% of their energy to exhaust and 28% of their energy to the cooling system. Therefore the true explanation for the poor performance of the engine would seem to lie in inefficient use of energy and loss of energy through heat transfer. The loss incurred through inefficient use of energy is easily understood, compressed fuel and air is ignited and is then used to propel the piston down the cylinder with explosive force for a distance of just a few inches after which all further energy developed by the fuel is lost and in fact becomes a liability since the piston has to reverse direction, a process which is inhibited by the pressure of trapped gases on the piston head. The reason that energy loss to heat transfer has been tolerated , and even welcomed by engineers , is a little more involved and will be referred to later on in the article. Notwithstanding the improvements made to the RI engine we have to ask ourselves, and this is the million dollar question, is this really the limit of performance of the reciprocating internal combustion engine, does this mark the end of the road for this more than 200 year old concept, some entrepreneurs seem to think not, they have come up with the idea of a concept IC engine. Thank you.


Hi guys,A locomotive is a railway vehicle that provides the motive power for a train. Trains are pulled by powerful engine units called locomotives. In a steam locomotive, pressure from the steam moves a piston back and forth, which turns the wheels via a connecting rod. In a diesel electric locomotive, air is drawn in to the engine cylinders and is compressed to increase its temperature; a small amount of diesel fuel is then injected in to it. The resulting combustion drives the generator to produce electricity, which is fed to electric motors. In electric locomotives, electric current is picked up either from a overhead cable via a pantograph, or from a third rail. Thank you.


Hi friends,
The liver is an organ in the abdomen. It is part of the gastrointestinal system. Nutrients absorbed from the intestine reach the liver via the portal vein, and are processed and redistributed according to the body’s requirements. Hence the liver regulates the levels of glucose, fats, and proteins in the blood. It also removes toxins, breaks down ageing red blood cells, and produces bile, which is stored in the gall bladder for discharge in to duodenum where it assists the absorption and digestion of fats. Thank you  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sizzling Trisha

Hi Trisha Fans,

These are the recently released photos of sizzling Trisha in her forthcoming films Enjoy seeing it.